Nike 3D Prints Three Unique Football Bags For The World Cup

When you're one of the world's top footballers, there are a lot of perks. One of these perks is some extremely cool bespoke kit from the world's top sporting goods manufacturers. Made exclusively for Ronaldo, Rooney and Neymar Jr., Nike's new Rebento sports bag has a supple leather upper, but a plastic base entirely 3D printed and integrated into the black and fluoro green nylon mesh.

The bags, unveiled by Nike a few days ago as "a bold expression of technology and style", have been made for the game's three most prominent footballers — Brazilian Neymar, Portugese Cristiano Ronaldo, and England's Wayne Rooney. Each bag is customised for the player it's made for, with gold accents and hardware featuring that player's name.

The bag's Rebento name means "explode" in Portugese, while the design takes cues from the Magista and Mercurial boots' Flyknit fabric. 3D printing means no glue is needed to hold the bag together; the plastic composite used has been shaped in a way that holds both leather and fabric securely, but it also flexes when needed.

There's not a huge amount of 3D printing going on with these bags, but they do look extremely cool. If Nike put them into mass production, I'd put one on the shopping list. [Nike]

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