Live Streaming A Flying Smartphone Is The Best Bad Idea We've Seen In A While

You see so many people strap cameras to weather balloons in order to photograph the curvature of the Earth. That's been done to death. What about strapping a phone to a series of cheap novelty balloons and throwing them above one of the busiest cities on the planet, live streaming its progress as you go? It's a fantastically bad idea, and these guys did it.

Using a cheap Motorola Moto G and a few helium balloons, these guys were able to live stream a calming flight over New York city by strapping one to the other.

The phone was set to stream everything it saw as it flew via UStream. The group say they lost the phone after it used up its 500MB data plan somewhere over the Brooklyn area.

Aside from the fact that the device could have clonked someone to death from a great height, it's an awesome little video!

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