LG's G3 Is Selling Like Hotcakes In South Korea

LG is definitely onto a good thing with its new G3 superphone. The first sales figures are in after the new handset went on sale last week, and the G3 is out-selling Samsung's Galaxy S5 three to one.

According to Korean language new site ETNews, via PhoneArena, the G3 has been selling between 25,000 and 30,000 units daily in the week since its debut in South Korea — the only region where it is currently on sale.

Compare that figure to the Galaxy S5's 7000 to 8000 daily sales during its launch period, and you'll see why we think the G3 is a hit; the numbers also probably have a lot to do with it being the first Quad HD-screened smartphone from a big-name electronics manufacturer, as well as LG's solid reputation as the brand behind the Google Nexus 5.

We don't know yet exactly when the LG G3 will make its way to Australian stores; it'll be available from all three major carriers from the beginning of August, as well as being for sale outright — although no price has been confirmed. Once it's available in Australia, it could very well dethrone the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One as the Android phone to get in 2014. [PhoneArena]

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