Let Your Stoner Flag Fly With The High Kite

Let Your Stoner Flag Fly With The High Kite

With more and more people in favour of decriminalisation, it’s high time for stoners to come out of the shadows. Get loud, be proud, maybe get off the couch today and show everybody your stoner pride with the High Kite.

The High Kite from The World’s Best Ever, is exactly what it sounds like — a kite. You all know how kites work, right? But when combined with its Journey carrying case and a bit of sticky-icky, well, you have yourself a marvellous afternoon chilling in the park.

For $US400 a set, these aren’t your grandfather’s smoking and flying implements. As the Paul Kasmin Gallery’s PK Shop details:

Hand-stitched out of ripstop nylon by Miami-based master kite-maker Dan Ward, the 34″ HIGH Kite is a statement in the sky. Literally embracing the century-old phrase “high as a kite” while referencing the kite as a means of advertising in the same era, the HIGH kite celebrates the lifted. With a stylistic nod to the legendary acrylic Tobacco Master Water Pipe, the Journey Tube is a 39-inch, fully functional travel case designed in partnership with Brooklyn-based industrial design studio The Principals.

The set will be available from the gallery’s online and in-person shops from June 5 onwards.