In A Parallel Universe, Elves And Orcs Play The Hit RPG, Cubicles & Careers

Games allow us, if briefly, to escape the mundane trappings of life. Going to work, mowing the lawn, using charms to impress members of the opposite sex... wait, what was that last one? I guess if another, Tolkien-like dimension existed where fantasy races with mystical occupations wanted to role-play, they might sit down to an enthralling game of Dungeons & Dragons Cubicles & Careers.

Put together as a promotional tool by the organisers of FantasyCon, a US-based convention celebrating all things fantastical, this (currently) three-part series of short clips parodies an alternate universe where "Shipping Manager" is akin to playing "Ranger" in a typical pen-and-paper RPG.

Where one would get away with casting spells to get things done, our poor "heroes" have to manage with special abilities such as "Small Talk" and "Swooning" to succeed. Sufficed to say it makes for depressing, yet thoroughly hilarious viewing.

Here are the other two videos. Sadly, they're all quite short, but I can see the makings of a genuinely entertaining web series. My favourite is the second clip, "Elf".

[YouTube, via Nerd Approved]

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