IKEA's New Glowing Stool Lights A Safe LED Fire Under Your Butt

Ikea's New Glowing Stool Lights a Safe LED Fire Under Your Butt

It's never too early to start planning and stockpiling what you'll need when you eventually move out of home. And since you'll probably be crammed into something really tiny, IKEA's new glowing LED stool does double duty as a lamp and place to sit/pile dirty laundry.

Powered by a set of four AA rechargeable batteries that glow for up to five hours, the $79 (Australian price) PS 2014 stool can support a sitter up to 130kg, or roughly 12 weeks of laundry if you're wearing a lot of flannel. And, when your parents come to pick you up for the holidays, they can use a damp cloth to wipe the months of dirt and grime — be it pizza or lingonberry meatball sauce. [IKEA]

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