How Trend Micro Mobile Security Takes Android Anti-Malware To The Next Level

How Trend Micro Mobile Security Takes Android Anti-Malware To The Next Level

One of the great things about Android is being able to sideload apps; to install software from outside Google Play. Cool, but risky.

Meawhile, according to the Mobile Threat Report, 27 per cent of known malicious apps were actually found on the official Android store in 2013.

Trend Micro has responded with its most advanced mobile protection against viruses, spyware, data-theft and malware -- including new 'App Reputation' scans to identify and block millions of hazardous apps.

Continuous Protection, Unlimited Updates

Mobile App Reputation Scanning is the next generation of anti-malware, exclusive to the new version of Trend Micro Security for Android, powered by Trend Micro's cloud-based Smart Protection Network.

It's the first mobile app evaluation service that identifies new and existing malware, verifies the reputations of mobile applications and provides threat defense as you download apps. These strengthened scans also monitor app actions -- including network bandwidth, memory and CPU use -- to protect against personal information collection/theft and data loss.

With this technology enabled in AV-Test's January 2014 benchmarking of 30 mobile security solutions -- Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android rated high in protecting against both Android malware and potentially unwanted programs versus the average of all vendors in the test.

The system goes beyond Google's Bouncer service by supporting 3rd party app stores and analysing more attributes of mobile apps (to monitor privacy risks and system resource consumption).

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The free version does not require a credit card and includes antivirus, 50MB of cloud storage, privacy scanner for Facebook and a 30 day trial of premium features. After 30 days you can upgrade to the premium version or keep using the free features.

Multi-Device License: Thinking of moving from iOS to Android or visa versa? No problem, Trend Micro Mobile security lets you easily transfer your license.

Titanium Maximum Security: Trend Micro for PCs includes free activation of Trend Mobile Security for one mobile device.

Backup And Restore

Trend Micro Mobile Backup And Restore -- included with Mobile Security -- gets you started with 50MB online space to backup your contacts, call history, calendar, SMS logs, photo and more.

If you ever lose your phone or even upgrade it, you can restore your data in a snap. You can also upgrade to 5GB storage space for $19.99 annually.

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