How Rich Is Ruslan Kogan?

How Rich Is Ruslan Kogan?

He runs a successful gadget empire, knows how to make a buck online from just about anything and drives around in $300,000 hybrid supercars. So just how much is Ruslan Kogan worth?

Kogan, who currently presides over an online gadget market bearing his own name, has been busy in the last few years.

He knows what works when selling on the internet and what customers want to buy when it comes to gadgets and mobile telephony.

His staff are exceptionally well treated and his family life is in great shape.

So just how much is the wildly successful Kogan worth? According to the upcoming BRW Rich List, quite a lot actually.

Ruslan debuted in the Rich List five years ago with $15 million to his name. Now, in 2014, Kogan has managed to rocket his net worth up to a dizzying $320 million, earning him 162nd place.

That makes him wealthier than the founders and co-CEOs of Australian software start-up success story, Atlassian.

Kogan still has a way to go if he wants to top the Rich List, however, with Gina Rinehart currently sitting at number-one with over $22 billion to her name.

Image: Kogan/CC 2.0