Fun With Kirk And Spock: A Kid’s Book And Adult Parody Of Star Trek

Fun With Kirk And Spock: A Kid’s Book And Adult Parody Of Star Trek

“Kirk refuses the advances of a woman. This is a bad universe.” This is just one punch line — of many — from “Fun with Kirk and Spock”, a soon-to-be-released, 64-page book from Cedar Mill Press. It’s a humorous take on the first series of Star Trek that portrays James T Kirk and Spock as a pair of trouble-making adolescents.

It’s also parody of “classic Dick and Jane stories”, according to author Robb Pearlman. Featuring illustrations from Gary Shipman that would look right at home in any mid-century children’s book, “Kirk and Spock” attempts to succinctly deliver “some iconic moments and characters from The Original Series”… with an added dash of ridiculousness (though you could argue some scenarios require no help).

In an interview on Star Trek, Shipman explains that it’s a book for all ages, perfectly suited as a hilarious look back at Gene Roddenberry’s sci-fi show, or a “totally accessible introduction for kids”.

Not sure what that would look like exactly? Here’s an example:

The book will be available starting tomorrow from Amazon for $US9.45 (RRP $14.95). There’s a listing on the Book Depository for the title, however, it won’t have stock until 1 September.

Check out the full cover (and interview) below:

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