Here's Every App And Company That Apple Tried To Kill At WWDC

Everything Apple Tried to Kill Today at WWDC

Last week, Apple announced a huge batch of products aimed straight at the heart of existing companies and apps. Here are just a few of the things that are feeling a spinning beachball target on their backs.


Everything Apple Tried to Kill Today at WWDC

iCloud has never been a hugely appealing cloud storage option, that's at least partially because Dropbox and its contemporaries are so damn good. Apple's revamped iCloud Drive, though, comes with one of the best features from Dropbox: the ability to manage a folder of cloud-based files directly from a Finder window, exactly as if the files were saved on local storage. (In fairness, Dropbox is hardly the only service that offers this feature.)

Though Dropbox and other cloud storage solutions aren't just going to roll over and die, Apple has a distinct advantage in that the new tool will come pre-installed with OS X. And at prices that are at least competitive, iCloud's Drive's going to be a strong default option for the Apple faithful.


Everything Apple Tried to Kill Today at WWDC

Evernote-owned annotation tool Skitch is totally awesome, which is probably why Apple has taken many of its features and incorporated them into the Mail application as a tool called "Markup". As with Skitch, you'll be able to write and draw on documents as well as add fun effects like text bubbles to images, PDFs and text. Skitch still offers some tools that you can't get from Markup, as well as really slick browser integration. But Markup's key innovation, the ability to draw those annotations on your touchpad, could be enough reason to leave the venerable Skitch behind.

Hightail, We Transfer

Everything Apple Tried to Kill Today at WWDC

Sharing large files using Hightail (née: YouSendIt) or WeTransfer isn't as essential as it used to be these days, because people are simply using share links from Dropbox and other cloud storage services more and more often. Still, the new Mail Drop feature built into Apple's refreshed Mail application might help make them irrelevant for good. The new feature allows you to upload files up to 5GB and attach a secure link your email directly from the email client. No more large email attachment bounce backs. And no need for third-party software to help get your files where they need to go.

WhatsApp, GroupMe

Everything Apple Tried to Kill Today at WWDC

Until today, group messaging (and instant messaging in general) wasn't fully featured enough on Apple's iMessage platform for it to really be much of a threat to its competitors in What's App and GroupMe. In fact, it could often be pretty brutal. But Apple made some big improvements to iMessage today, that could give the incumbents a run.

New features include in-line audio and video support, an improved UI on the desktop. Group iMessaging is finally getting "Do Not Disturb" so that the huge chain message you're on about a dinner party you can't attend doesn't ruin your date night. And you can also set your messages to self-destruct. Of course, iMessage has had reliability problems in the past, so don't count the alternatives out yet.

SoundHound, Shazam

Everything Apple Tried to Kill Today at WWDC

Shazam has long been the leader on music recognition, and today it was buttressed by Apple with integration directly into Siri in iOS 8. One of the biggest impediments to getting what you want from Shazam is getting the song recognised before your song runs out. (Is it me or does Shazam never occur to me until the final chorus?)

Now that it's built directly into Siri, activating song recognition is as easy as holding down your home button. Given the huge number of iOS users, that's going to make it very hard for SoundHound and the like to survive.


Everything Apple Tried to Kill Today at WWDC

Apple didn't burst through the front door of the internet of things with hardware. Instead, it decided to develop an API that helps developers create tools to easily connect and control your gadgets using just your phone. The thinking here seems to be that you want to be the platform everyone else builds their gadgets for, rather than than trying to find the single piece of hardware that will revolutionise the ecosystem. And if Google-owned Nest's recent problems are any indication, maybe starting with the platform is the way to kill off would be competitors.

Are we missing anything Apple tried to kill today? Let us know in the comments below.



    So they basically see what someone else is doing and then try to improve it. Wow innovation at its finest. Clearly only a one way street leading to Apple HQ.

      Correct, that is design. As a designer I spend every day seeing what other people have done and then try to improve it. It's why I didn't start at the start and work out how to make fire :)

        But do you then sue, or get sued because yours looks nicer or is better?

        This is why people dislike Apple, Do as we say, Not as we Do. IT is ok for them to "steal" other peoples ideas, add the words touch screen, or for the rather obvious "features" they sue.

          Only Samsung steal. Unless you have recorded evidence of your alleged theft?

          Heres my proof of Samsung theft, so show me yours.


            Last edited 04/06/14 6:22 am

              Kapow, down goes kr00.

              Let's face it, everyone steals ideas from everyone else. We wouldn't have the phones we have today.

        Indeed, it's challenging the status quo. That's what disruptive design is all about. Take something that has been done before, pick it apart, find its strengths and weaknesses and build upon. If we didn't do this then there would be no competition.

        This is so true. Good artists borrow, great artists steal. Going through patents looking for ways to sidestep them is enjoyable. It challenges you to go at things differently, while still trying to incorporate the best features of everyone else.

    So the dropbox features that are added to OS X only impact people who use a Mac and an Iphone. So basically which users are directly impacted;
    - iPhone and Mac,
    - iPhone and Windows,
    - iPhone and Linux,
    - Android and Mac,
    - Android and Windows,
    - Android and Linux..........

    Probably a small % of the total dropbox user community.

      If you watched the keynote they announced a windows application for icloud drive as well. So it is a direct competitor for dropbox for a lot of people.
      Not to mention if more windows users get on board and start using Numbers, Keynote etc via web apps on icloud, and using icloud drive to sync across devices, it could have an impact on skydrive and office365.

    You missed the entire Google/Android ecosystem (except for Nest of course): iCloud Drive is a competitor for Google Drive; interactive notifications that have been part of Android’s notification shade since Jelly Bean; information such as trending news, places nearby and movies times, are part of the integrated Google Search on Android and Google Now; not to mention voice prompt of Siri and Shazam integration with Siri just like the Sound Search for Google Play. Also desktop notifications in Chrome; functioning photo and video sharing across mobile and desktop like Picasa Web Albums and/or Google+ Auto Backup and battery management on a app-by-app basis like Android.

    Also, Apple’s Health app is designed to go up against Samsung’s S Health app; the ‘self destruct’ message is designed to replace Snapchat; and swipe gestures to manage email is a ripoff of Dropbox Mailbox.

    If Apple can sue for slide to unlock and the bounce back feature. Couldn't these companies sue Apple for stealing their ideas.

      only if they're patented.
      I doubt Dropbox has a patent on "online storage of data"

      Anything to back up your claims of theft, or are you just here to troll,..... again? Why do you click on Apple stories anyway? Boredom? Run out of choof? Missus kicked you out of bed again?

      Many of these widgets and tweaks have been available to jailbroken iPhones for years, so who's stealing from who? Bitesms, Auxum, springtomize, swipeselection, Intelliscreenx, lockinfo, SBsettings, and many many more.

      Android have been thieving ideas from the jailbreaking community from day one, so don't break a leg getting off that high horse of yours.

        Can you tell me what ideas Google stole (Since last I remember Android is Open Souce) - I'm just interested to know that's all

        IMO, people will jump on Apple because they will launch a patent infringementsuit over almost anything (or counter-sue if they the ones being handed a patent infringementsuit) and not just in mobile are some of the most famous ones

        Apple v Samsung - the most famous lawsuit and the one that is ongoing
        Nokia (pre Microsoft) v Apple - Nokia sues over wireless communication patent infringement, Apple counter-sue. Apple and Nokia Settle.
        Apple v HTC - Apple files a lawsuit claiming 20 patent infringements against HTC, 19 of 20 were thrown out...HTC counter-sues for 6 infrigments - Apple and HTC Settle.
        Motorola Mobility (pre-Google) v Apple - a complex patent infrigement lawsuit
        Apple v Microsoft & HP - Apple sues Microsoft & HP over "look & feel" of Windows 2.0...stuck in the courts for years and was dismissed primarily due to John Sculley (head of Apple of at the time) agreed to license the Macintosh’s “visual displays” to Microsoft to use in software derived from Windows 1.0, and Microsoft agreed to continue developing its Mac products and promised not to release Excel (a feature-rich replacement for MultiPlan) for any other platform for two years

    I'm kind of reminded of World of Warcraft.

    Many of the most popular mods and UI tweaks for WoW over the years were co-opted into the base game by the devs. People have needs and when they weren't being met by the base install, they created the tools to meet their needs. The official party then saw what was most popular, what was easily-enough integrated, then co-opted those mods.

    The result is an outstanding product which is greater than what the devs would have created on their own, and one of the major reasons WoW is the industry gold-standard; the 'bare minimum' if you want to impress.

    Difference there, however, is the mod-authors weren't making money off their mods/apps, or making businesses out of it. So here we are...

    Not sure about the impact to Whatsapp, or any messaging app. The best thing about them is that you can contact anyone who has the app, it's not restricted to people with iOS. Given the significant turn in market share, I can't see this enticing Android users back into the fold. Same goes with DropBox - these apps are platform neutral, you can mix-and-match your devices - I have Evernote on an iPhone, an iPad and an Android phone - no need to be a slave to a particular platform.

    And yet apple fanboys will still claim Apple is an innovator and anyone who did this before them copied apple.

      And the idiot fandroids still click on Apple stories to make moronic claims, like yours. Don't forget, there would be no google or modern day android if there were no Apple Inc my friend. Even windows wouldn't exist if Apple weren't alive. Think about it, if you can.

      Last edited 03/06/14 8:04 pm

        That does not excuse the fact that most of these iOS8 features were fully integrated into android for at least a year and a half.

        Don't get me wrong I've never been a fan of apple but I am happy to admit when they do a good job. The original iPhone was very innovative considering capacitive touchscreens sucked on the old touch screen smsrtphones(windows mobile 6 came out long before the iPhone and was very flexible)

        IOS8 is less innovation and more rushing to catch up with the competition. Also id completely discount what jailbreaking added to the iPhone based purely on their intention to break the sandboxed nature of the iOS system.

    It's interesting that Apple hasn't come under the same scrutiny for this sort of anti-competitive behaviour as Microsoft has done in the past when it included Internet Explorer as part of it's OS.

    as we all know apple dont innovate or invent... they steal

      Hmmm, like android stole straight from iOS, then from the jailbreaking community, claiming they came up with them? Or how windows came directly out of the Macintosh OS? Or like how Samescum steal from everybody, then counter sue to stall for time while flooding the market, killing competition?

      Is that the kind of stealing you're talking about troll boy?

        That Vanity Fair article only shows how pointless Apple's litigation is/was. It concludes "no winners", and highlights the ridiculous nature of comparing phones side by side. Mobile smart phones with touch screens WILL look similar. Further more, nothing you say can ever undo the embarrassing patents Apple claim over such things as "slide to unlock". Stop defending the indefensible.

    Er... Id say the biggest pros for the alternative messaging apps is they work on more than just the Apple ecosystem...

    Don't forget that Apple used to do iDisk (from 2000-2012). I just assumed they were bringing it back rather than taking a shot at dropbox.

    Simpsons did it.... or rather, Windows 8

    Don't forget Ninja Blocks, which is a software / hardware platform that brings stuff like your Nest, Hue bulbs and other stuff together and makes it accessible via the web and via their smartphone app.

    The Ninja Sphere, the next "version" of the Ninja Blocks is everything Homekit is, but may include features like bridgeless control of your Hue bulbs.

    I love icloud, but don't think users will stop using dropbox...I'm using icloud and dropbox both, but also a full online backup service, I think that a sync service is not enough. I need to backup all my files, so I use Memopal if you would like to try accept this invite and you'll have 3,5GB free

    Id still say google drive offers best value fir money. $3/month gives me 115GB total google drive storage

    Aren't apple fanbois the ones whinging that every smart phone maker just copied apple? WOW!

    i think, Apple do not coping any other Apps, but it give more features for ios 8 users

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