Every Web Page From The 1995 Movie The Net

Every Web Page From The 1995 Movie The Net

To say the 1995 movie The Net is a classic would be… an overstatement. The Irwin Winkler film starring Sandra Bullock, Jeremy Northam and Dennis Miller didn’t have the best reception when it came out, and over time it’s gotten a reputation as a very schlocky paranoid thriller (in reality, it’s probably become more realistic as the net’s reach has expanded).

Today, the movie’s technology is one of its most unique aspects — early web interfaces and fantastic webpages abound. We found every screenshot — webpage or otherwise — and captured it for fans of The Net around the world.

The screens are below, but first, some of the most important trivia about The Net (for a more technical overview, check out this security-minded post).

  • Angela orders a large 20″ pizza from Pizza.net with regular crust, anchovies, garlic, and extra cheese.
  • In the beginning of the movie, she plays an early Apple version of Wolfenstein 3D.
  • She books her economy class plane tickets from “link.ias.com.”
  • Though Angela uses the net extensively, she and her employer correspond through Fed-Exed floppy disks.
  • The band whose website is a backdoor to the entire Internet is called Mozart’s Ghost.
  • Angela lives at 407 Finley Street, Venice, CA. Her phone number? 310-853-3472. The real house is located here.
  • Angela works at 2102 Montgomery St., San Franciso, CA (which, unfortunately, isn’t a real address).
  • Angela uses Mac products (Mac and Powerbook) in the movie, but the interfaces show a mix of operating systems including the Mac OS, Windows 3.1, and others.

Angela Bennett plays Wolfenstein 3D in The Net.

Pizza.net’s introduction.

More of Pizza.net.

Pizza.net’s confirmation page- cash only payment.

A digital fireplace Angela uses to feel cozier.

Cyber chats- where Angela and other hackers spend their time.

A selection of cyber buddies.

A screenshot from the cyberchat.

Another screenshot from the cyberchat.

Angela eats pizza and cyberchats about her life.

The airline booking system.

Mozart’s Ghost, the hottest band with a secret.

Fed Ex tracking circa 1995 (in the movie).

The infamous Pi sign.

A hacked airline computer.

The Atomic Energy Commission’s hacked site.

A hacked plane schedule.

The Krystal Cancun’s Hotel booking system.

The LAPD’s duped profile of Ruth Marx.

The Swiss Internet.

The US Naval Hospital’s webpage.

Print Match Pro 2.0.

The fire control system at Cathedral Software in The Net.

The Cathedral Intranet.

The backdoor to the entire internet.

IP Lookup.

Emailing the FBI.

Attaching files via disk.

When a virus is loaded, the screen dissolves.

More screens dissolving.

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