Computex: Amazing Knock-Off Gadgets Inspired By Samsung, Apple And Others

From the labyrinth of technology at Computex Taipei, here are 15 gadgets so fantastically fake that you almost can't help but be impressed. Blatant knock-off or design by inspiration? You be the judge...

Galaxy Gear Anyone? Damn.

That Wallpaper Looks Familiar. Note 3?

Old School iClone

Just Like The Sennheiser Momentums. Only Crunchy

Phat Beats

...These Also Remind Us Of The Xiaomi Pistons

Seriously, There Are Galaxy Gear Clones Everywhere...


Not Fakes, Just Inspired By GS5 and Lumia. Clearly.

Nanu Nanu

Far Right: We've Seen This PSP-Inspired Android Handheld Before. But Yeah. OK.

Maybe This Is Where Qantas Headphones Come From?

It's The Sony MDR 500 NCs! Oh, Wait

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