Breakfast Wrap: Google I/O 2014 Edition

Google Wants To Keep Track Of Your Vitals With Google Fit Going head-to-head with Apple’s newly announced HealthKit, Google has just revealed Google Fit, a fitness tracking service service to call its very own.

Google Is Going To Bring Android Apps To Chrome(books) With the upcoming L release of Android, Chromebooks are going to gain the superpower of being able to run (some) Android apps!

Google's Getting Its Own Android-Powered Game Consoles Forget the Ouya, there’s another Android game console in town, and it’s coming from two of the biggest players in town.

AndroidTV: Google's Bajillionth Attempt To Take Over Your Living Room Meet AndroidTV: a new TV platform, like the failed Google TV. It’s a brand new UI, but it’s the same SDK as regular Android.

Android Auto Turns Your Car's Dashboard Into A Mobile Device As the rumours foretold, we got a first look at Android Auto at Google I/O today. The system uses your Android smartphone as the brain for an in-dash system controlling navigation, music and messaging. In other words, your next new car might double as an Android accessory.

Android L Release Preview: Everything You Need To Know It’s been years since Google has given its Android platform as fresh a face as this. But today we got our first look at Android’s next big shakeup. It doesn’t have a name yet (lollipop?) but it’s here to tie things together.

Google's New Look For Android Is Leaking Out Onto The Web Too Google just showed off the new look that the next big release of Android — the “L” release — will have. But the new card-based look isn’t just for your the operating system on your phone or tablet. It’s going to leak out onto the web as well.

Google's Project Tango Will Power Augmented Reality Shopping Google just announced a pretty impressive-looking retail experience powered by its Project Tango 3D-mapping service. The new augmented reality shopping technology will help you find products more efficiently. It sort of turns shopping into a video game.

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