Be Prepared For Any Vehicular Emergency With A Gasoline Can Toolbox

As fun as a weekend off-roading adventure can be, it can be equally hard on your vehicle. Simply running out of gas isn’t the only risk you face, so be prepared for any vehicular emergency with this clever gasoline can-shaped toolbox that fits in the external storage compartments your Jeep or Land Rover already have.

Instead of unscrewing the cap to fill this $US66 faux tank with 19 litres of petrol, it actually unlocks a series of compartments that can be crammed full of wrenches, jumper cables, flares or whatever else you do deem as being essential in an emergency. For example, a bag of M&M’S might not help you fix an axle, but they do make for a delicious snack while you’re waiting for the NRMA to arrive. [Amazon via Notcot]