A Transformers Trucker Hat Mask Is The Easiest Halloween Costume

A Transformers Trucker Hat Mask Is the Easiest Halloween Costume

The general rule of thumb is that the older you get, the simpler your Halloween costume becomes. And with yet another Transformers movie hitting theatres this summer, there's no doubt these Optimus Prime and Megatron-themed trucker hats, complete with masks that unfurl, will be a popular choice this October.

When it comes to believability, you're probably not going to win any costume contests wearing one of these. In fact, these masks probably wouldn't even fool Grimlock, arguably Cybertron's stupidest immigrant. But for just $US22 and a heaping spoonful of imagination, you're all set for stomping around and collecting candy in a few months. [Stylin Online via Fashionably Geek]

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