A Melbourne Guy Is Allegedly Blackmailing Subway Over Secret Sandwich Recipes

Ever been upset by a former employer? Melbourne man, Arun Singhal, knows how you feel. Unlike other disgruntled former employees, however, Singhal is taking matters into his own hands against sandwich giant Subway, threatening to release secret sandwich recipes online if he's not paid $35 million.

It all started when Subway reportedly terminated a franchise agreement with Singhal following "breaches" in the contract back in April. Unhappy with the result, Singhal has reportedly made a series of online videos detailing how to make Subway's famous sandwiches and has threatened to release them to the whole world unless Subway pays up.

Subway closely guards its sandwich-making techniques, which it describes internally as "The System". Singhal reportedly details The System in his videos and has apparently already shared some information with other publications around the world.

Subway wants to shut him up without giving him a cent, and has gone to the Victorian Supreme Court to protect itself, accusing Singhal of blackmail and releasing confidential information.

Who knew that the secret to tessellated cheese was so important? [The Age]

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