A Floating Disc Boat Gives Fishermen 360-Degree Access To Their Prey

A Floating Disc Boat Gives Fishermen 360-Degree Access to Their Prey

If you took a bass boat and stripped it to its bare essentials — just the most important things a fisherman needed — you'd probably end up with the Ultraskiff 360. It does away with the traditional boat design in favour of a circular floating platform that gives fisherman better access to the water in any direction.

It's easier to manoeuvre, can operate in very shallow waters, and makes it easy to fight a fish even if they're criss-crossing underneath the boat. But as compact as it is, the Ultraskiff 360 still features livewells, coolers and ample storage for the mountain of gear most fishermen rely on, including a removable 360-degree pivoting seat.

Anyone who's ever shopped for a bass boat before will certainly appreciate that the Ultraskiff 360 starts at around $US1000 for the base version. And you don't need to factor in the cost of a trailer or paying to use a boat launch, since the craft can simply be turned on its side and rolled to wherever you need it. Try that with a 6m Tracker. [Ultraskiff via The Awesomer]

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