A 90-Year Human Life In Weeks (And How You'll Spend Them)

A 90-Year Human Life in Weeks (And How You'll Spend Them)

Ever wondered how your life might pan out? Well, certain aspects of it are fairly predictable — as this wonderful chart, breaking down a 90-year life in weeks, demonstrates.

Put together by Wait But Why, the chart on the left shows the blank canvas that is 90 years in weeks: a sea of time in which you could, theoretically, do as you please. On the right, an annotated version which shows some more mundane truths. (Click 'enlarge' to embiggen the image above.)

We're born, we learn, we work; maybe there are some marriages, children and divorces along the way; then, death. But, hey, at least legal drinking arrives early on in the grand scheme of things. You can actually order a copy of the blank poster if you want, so you can tick the weeks off as they disappear. [Wait But Why via Laughing Squid]

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