666 Park Avenue Is A Modern-Day Rosemary’s Baby

I watch all my TV online, so I completely missed 666 Park Avenue when it aired on ABC from September 2012 to July 2013. I only stumbled across it recently when I was trawling the bottomless pit of B-grade horror that Netflix has. To my surprise, the show wasn’t complete garbage. In fact, it was actually really, really good.

A young, mid-Western couple played by Rachael Taylor and Henry Martin is hired to manage The Drake, a luxurious old apartment building on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. They are, of course, completely unaware that the building’s dozens of residents have dark connections to the supernatural.

It’s a modern-day Rosemary’s Baby, but with lots and lots of chilling twists and more than a few jumps. Turn up the sound and watch it in the dark.

For Australian residents — the show ran on FOX8, but it looks like episodes are nearly impossible to find legally online.