You're Always Guaranteed A Seat On The Train With This Backpack Chair

You're Always Guaranteed a Seat On the Subway With This Backpack Chair

Catching the train at peak hour is often a well-orchestrated ballet as you and your fellow passengers jockey for position to snatch up seats as they become available. But why go through that struggle every night when you can just wear this folding backpack chair to work every day and guarantee yourself a place to sit during your commute?

Even at $US140, it's a bargain if it means you're not clinging to a hand strap desperately trying to keep your balance while standing. And it comes with detachable storage and even a cooler, so you can still bring your laptop and other gear, as well as a satisfying breakfast or dinner you can enjoy while your fellow commuters stare in envy.

It's probably also great for the beach or camping, but that's really limiting this thing's potential. [Hammacher Schlemmer via The Awesomer]

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