Woman Attacked By Strangers as Google Glass Demo Turns Nasty

A woman from San Francisco has been talking about her Google Glass nightmare online and to local police, after customers in a bar became aggressive, started shouting, ripped off her Glass and ran out, stealing her remaining possessions while she was distracted.

Sarah Slocum posted the details of the attack on Facebook, saying: "I got verbally and physically assaulted and robbed last night in the city, had things thrown at me because of some wanker Google Glass haters, then some *bleeeeeeeeeep* tore them off my face and ran out with them then and when I ran out after him his *bleeeeeeep* friends stole my purse, cellphone wallet and everything."

She also has video evidence, as, in a later Facebook post, she explained that: "I decided that I should start filming this extremely strange, hostile and threatening behaviour," although the raw clip she uploaded has since been pulled from YouTube. And therefore re-upped by many others.

She has now uploaded a second clip here.

Long-term readers will remember the similar case of Steve Mann, the augmented tech pioneer who captured images of men abusing him in McDonalds for wearing his bespoke visual system. The obvious downside for attackers is the risk of being caught in the act, as long as the sensors are actually recording at the time. [The Register]

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    Finally people are going to find out that a great number of people are sick to death of having their privacy intruded upon by people with devices like this, I do not agree with things being stolen at all but you want to inflict junk like this on people who dont want it around & you get this style of knee jerk reaction. Modern technology has gone way too far in intruding in peoples lives & like this woman now knows not everybody will accept it when its in their faces, serves her right in my opinion.

      are you retarded people have better things to do then film you if you look at the fact that there is a bright light that shines while recording and if you were constantly recording the battery would run out in about an hour not to mention there are easier ways to spy on you then with a conspicuous recording device on my head

        What did punctuation ever do to you to make you hate it so much?
        You can expand the battery (e.g. GazerG battery pack) and disable the screen while recording using VideoBlack

        If Google would just put a readily visible slide-back shutter across the camera when it is not active, then I think people would be less bothered.

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      You wouldn't do it, and you don't necessarily condone it, but neither do you condemn it.

      I hope someone rips your stupid scrotum off and shoves it up your ass. Not that I would do it (it's illegal and immoral), but I'm sure there are serial scrotum removers out there and it would do the world good if they targeted you instead of someone who isn't a tool.

      Would serve you right in my opinion.

        While your reply has a lot of emotional content it has very little logic, I just hope the logic haters don't shove your keyboard somewhere emotional.

    Those people are dicks but what's partly at fault is elements in the tech and popular press encouraging and stoking the fear and paranoia about Google Glass. I recall a lot of that from the US Gizmodo.
    Of course they're no scarier and a lot less invasive than the ubiquitous smartphone everyone already has but that doesn't affect the mind of a cretin.

    Obviously San Francisco is a special case with the whole tech gentrification of the city and the silly ways the people are behaving there about buses and smartcars etc.

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    Is a bar an appropriate place to enter with a recording device attached to your head?
    When they started to verbally abuse her why didn't she put her GG away and leave?
    The abusers would probably have done a similar thing if she had picked up her phone and started filming them.

    It reads to me like a lack of common sense.

      Have you BEEN in a bar or club lately? You can't rest your eyes anywhere without seeing someone with their camera phone out.

      transientmind is 100% right. Glass is nothing more than another hands-free device to be paired with your current mobile device.

    Wow. Way to victim blame guys! Congratulations.
    I'm sorry but I don't give a shit if people felt their privacy was invaded or whatever. Although this is more likely to do with the issues of San Fransico and gentrification.
    You DO NOT go around assaulting someone and stealing there stuff.
    Or hey next time someone is talking in the quiet carriage I should feel free to go up to them, bash them, take their phone and run of. Because they totally shouldn't have been talking in the quiet carriage and I am well within my rights to do this obviously.

    Worse of it all it sounds like a group of guys targeting a single lone woman.
    I hope they really feel proud of themselves. Such brave guys and all.
    They are scum and deserve to be arrested and locked up.
    End of story.

      Exactly. Celebrating and encouraging this stupid violent behaviour because of a childish prejudice is just plain antisocial.

      NOTE: I do not support the attackers and what they did.

      While I agree that their behaviour was inappropriate and extreme and should not be tolerated I still hate the idea of google glass and the privacy issues it raises.

      Yes there are a variety of other devices that can record and take pictures but It still bothers me that glasses could be, for example, used to record my children or me without my consent. There are creeps and screwed up people in this world who would do this sort of thing.

      I dislike them and think they have no place in day to day society.

    Maybe she shouldn't have been recording them in the first place.
    Not condoning it in any way, but attitudes aren't going to change about Google Glass if people are being recorded without them knowing.

      She says she started filming after she had been threatened, seems like a smart idea to me. Along the lines of pulling out a smartphone if you see someone being racist on a bus...

      Why on earth is everyone expecting privacy in public? If you want privacy go somewhere private perhaps?

      Stop with the victim bashing, there is no excuse for what they did to that woman.

        she wasn't in public though

          Another name for a bar is a pub.

          Pub is the shortened version of the original name: Public House.

          You can't just assume that because a property is private it isn't also public. If a business is open to the public then it should be considered a public space (With a few provisos). The owner of the space is of course welcome to revoke that invitation or put other restrictions if they'd like.

          If you disagree try hanging out in a pub naked, see how long it takes you to get arrested for public indecency.


            Hypocrisy much...? She is allowed her camera yet in the Met Police Camera Trial thread you deride the police for having them....

            Congrats you win the Newly Named Hypocrite of Giz award nomination

              I think you misunderstood my other post....

              I was saying the police all having cameras was a good thing because it means they're less likely to abuse their power when being recorded.

              I said it was a good step, I suggested I would personally make a few changes to allow more access to those making complaints against the police to have access to the footage but otherwise was rather for the idea.

              I'm all for cameras being used to give people more safety, how on Earth do you get anything else from my posts?

    no sympathy

    She shouldn't be wearing them in a bar. It's bad etiquette

      Still not justification for a bashing though.

        Definitely not. I was only commenting on her. If I was going to comment on the thieves. I would say that they were looking for a target when they saw her. Saw the glasses and thought that would be worth some money and duely attacked here. His mate just took advantage of the situation and grabbed her possessions when she started chasing the first theif.
        It's appalling but it's an every day occurrence in a city.

    Wow guys, even if she came in, walked up to their table and started filming them for no reason at all, it still doesn't justify her being bashed. There are better ways to resolve things than that.

    Edit: I love how some people think it's okay to support her attackers, but resort to using Guest accounts to do so. If you have things you want to say, stand behind your words.

    Last edited 09/05/14 3:48 pm

      You see a shitload of guest comments from cowardly assholes endorsing violence against glass-users anytime it's mentioned. I wouldn't be surprised if it's some off-site group pointing out there's an article to jump into and be a prick at.

      Looking forward to the next google glass video showing actual decent human beings stepping in to 'glass' anyone who thinks violence against a woman is acceptable.

    This is why I can't wait for the camera contact lenses that Google has quietly patented ! Then assholes like won't be able to tell when you're sporting them. Next best thing to DNI as far as I'm concerned ...

    Seems glassholes seems to more accurately describe those with an irrational hate of google glass than the wearers.

    Seems everyone needs to go on Youtube and watch the video she's posted about it. She's a complete loser. Listen to the way she eggs people on and watch as she gives everyone the bird while calling them "f'ing b***ches'. Seems to me she got EXACTLY what she deserves. If I did that in a bar while people were drinking and clearly drunk, I'd expect to get beat down. Sure it's not the right response (and I'm not condoning it) but you have to be pretty sheltered not to think it's going to happen - whether or not you're wearing those bloody retarded glasses.


    Phones are recording devices. I don't see anyone complaining about the other bar patrons who may have brought their phones, or even phones with hands-free sets too. All Glass is is another hands-free device paired with a phone or other mobile device. You sound like the same paranoid baboons who complained about privacy when the first camera phones came out. If you're in public, you're not in private. It's that simple.

    Those of you who think theft and assault are perfectly acceptable behavior as long as you dislike whatever electronics the victim is wearing are sick. That said, I think the issue is more the fact that this woman was behaving like an abrasive cuntbag among a group of insecure drunks, not that she was wearing a Glass. In other words, the same behavior could have led to this attack even if there was no Glass device in the mix. Theft and assault are still not acceptable responses to it, but actively and directly encouraging people to attack you isn't the best way to not get attacked.

    Conclusion? Everyone involved in this incident is an animal.

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