What Would Be In Your Dream Geek House?

What Would Be In Your Dream Geek House?

What would your house look like if you were a start-up millionaire? Would you suppress the urge to go super-geeky, or would you let your nerd flag fly and spec out your entire house with consoles, smart tech and home cinema gear as far as the eye can see? This millionaire opted for the latter, and it got us wondering: what would you want in your dream geek house?

This geek pad has everything. Foozball tables strewn across the floor; ping pong table after ping pong table; pool tables; arcade machines; driving machines; exposed piping which probably leads to nowhere but who cares because it looks like Portal 2; a gaming room that looks like a bunker; massage chairs; giant TVs.

You name it, this place has it.

And that got us wondering.

Say you won the lottery today for $100 million. Tell us in the comments below what you’d do if you had a geek mansion. Would you want a cinema room full of cool A/V gear? What about a large estate to fly drones? Perhaps you’d want iPads in the walls and an Xbox in every room? Maybe you just want a home you can talk to like JARVIS in Iron Man? Tell us what you’d put in your geek house in the comments.