Watch A Chainsaw Open A Beer In Glorious Slow Motion

Watch a Chainsaw Open a Beer in Glorious Slow Motion

First off, don't do this. Seriously. Don't. It's an old trick, and probably a great way to stab yourself in the eye with a flying bottle cap. But it sure looks pretty in slow motion, as the goofballs at Slow Mo Lab are here to show us.

Sure, you could just use a real bottle opener, or buy your drinks in twist-off bottles. But where's the limb-risking fun in that? This way, you can have your drink ready without interrupting your yard work. That bottle might tell you not to operate machinery while you're drinking, but it don't say nothin' about using that machinery to open your drink.

No but seriously, do not do this. Do not. Don't. [Slow Mo Lab]

Picture: Robert Sorokanich via YouTube

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