Trigga Is A Social Alarm App That Lets You Wake Up Your Friends

I hate my alarm noise. Hate. It. I really wish I could set custom alarms based on what I have on that day so that I can wake up differently. Thats the promise of Trigga: an app that lets you push alarm and wake-up messages to your friends.

There's very little information available right now on what we assume is a home-grown app, but from the looks of things, Trigga lets you push new alarm messages to your friends so you can wake them up with a customised greeting.

You might send one to your girlfriend whispering sweet nothings. You might send one to your employee who needs to bring coffee in that morning. Something like this would be particularly handy for pushing out notifications about sporting events on early Saturdays. I remember always having to do the ring-around or just listen to the radio to find out if my sports day was cancelled when I was younger. Problem solved!

Trigga is in beta right now, but the developer says it should be out for free soon. [Trigga]

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