This Extending Table Puts Its Workings On Full Display

This Extending Table Puts Its Workings on Full Display

Sometimes, it's good to have nowhere to hide — and this extending table is a great example. With a perfectly transparent surface, its inner workings have to look presentable. And they sure do.

The brainchild of Brussels-based designer Alain Gilles, the table has been made for Italian furniture brand Bonaldo. It turns the usually functional extension mechanism into a feature, with the expanding lacquered metal arms available in a wide range of colours. Sat atop a pair of sturdy oak legs, the whole thing looks stunning. Gilles explains to Dezeen:

"From a design point of view, I don't like extendable tables. They are extremely convenient, but the extensions are generally just added on to the table, or fully hidden so the table doesn't tell its story. I knew I had to show the mechanism and turn it into a lively part of the table that would show the possibility of transformation.

"I may have revealed the technical component of the table, but in no way did I want this table to be read as a technical product - the colours make it more graphic, and in a way a bit more child-like, toy-like."

And we happen to love toys. The table was launched by Bonaldo at this year's Salone Internazionale del Mobile in April. There's currently no word on pricing. [Bonaldo via Dezeen]

This Extending Table Puts Its Workings on Full Display

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