The Norwegian Army Is Using The Oculus Rift To See Through Its Tanks

The Norwegian Army is Using the Oculus Rift to See Through Its Tanks

When it comes to protection, a hulking vehicle made of armour is probably one of the safer places you can be. The downside of hanging out in a metallic womb though, is that it's kind of tough to see out. That is until you strap on an Oculus Rift and turn the tank invisible.

With a series of externally mounted cameras, a PC and everyone's favourite Facebook-owned VR headset, the Norwegian army is doing just that. The external cameras form a sphere of vision that shows way more than a mere window ever could, and a PC normalises the camera's fish-eye view to look normal to the commander inside. There are more advantages to just seeing through solid steel too; an Oculus Rift setup like this also allows for a persistent heads-up display with all kinds of useful information.

Of course, this isn't a new idea; F-35 helmets have done this same thing for years. But F-35 helmets also cost tens of thousands of dollars, whereas Rift dev kits are a bit cheaper. They're also not quite good enough yet, and the Norwegian army notes that the resolution isn't quiiiite high enough to make out things at a distance. Maybe when they get their hands on version two, that will change. [TU TV via The Verge]

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