The Australian Navy Is Going Green, Using Biofuel In Its Ships And Aircraft

The Australian Navy is getting a significant upgrade in versatility for all its ships and aircraft. Green advocates will be pleased to know that Navy vessels, planes and helicopters are planned to support biofuels by 2020 — pushed by the United States' fleet move to do the same.

Image via Shutterstock

According to The Australian, the US and Australian navies apparently share technology quite readily, and the US has had a plan for some time to transition its massive worldwide naval fleet to biofuels by the end of the decade. By 2020, US Navy equipment will be running on a 50-50 mix of fossil and biofuels — and Australia's just-revealed move is so our navy can rely on US fleet support if needed during operations.

With modifications already planned for most Navy vessels during upcoming routine maintenance work, there's likely to be little disruption to regular operations. Since alternative fuels like biodiesel can be created in countries like the US and Australia, its use lessens any reliance on foreign oil — an important factor in international relations and the operation of military forces.

The Australian reports that the Navy will be a large customer for any domestic biofuel producer, with the industry struggling to adapt to the news in the recent federal budget that the fuel would be hit with an excise tax in 2016, rather than 2021 as was previously planned. [The Australian]

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