Someone Get This Walk-Anywhere-Forever Treadmill An Oculus Rift ASAP

Star Trek holodecksolutions to this problem

Using brute force engineering, the Infinadeck features a series of thin, parallel treadmills all connected to create a continuous belt that itself spins in a perpendicular direction. The speed of each of these treadmills can be individually controlled, and the sum total of the effect is that you can walk in any direction, at almost any speed, without ever walking off the platform.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen an approach like this to creating an infinite treadmill, but the Infinadeck appears to be a more compact, self-contained unit. And while the current version still requires an operator to manually adjust the speed and directions of the belt, its creators are working to make the platform even more compact, with built-in motion and tracking sensors so that someone wearing an Oculus Rift headset lost in a virtual world never has to worry about accidentally stepping off the edge. [YouTube via Engadget]