Secret App Launches In Australia

Briefly: Secret, the app that has had the US (and a lot of Silicon Valley) sharing their most guarded information without identifying them, is finally available in Australia today. Here's how you get it.

Secret is an app that lets people blab their secrets to each other without identifying yourself as being the one who posted that info. It's actually kind of cathartic to use.

You can't actually add people in the traditional sense on Secret. Secret is an app that searches your contacts for people you know and connects you to them based on their phone number, which they also give to the app. That way, nobody has any idea what's being shared so stuff is truly shared anonymously.

Right now, it's only on iOS. You can get it by clicking this link. The iTunes Store search on your phone may be a little slow to catch up, so share this with your friends if you want to get their dirt! [Secret]

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