Samsung Takes On Sonos With New Wireless Multi-Room Speakers

Samsung is not nervous about dipping its toes into new waters. It pioneered the smart camera and the kid's tablet; when it as a company sees an opportunity for a bit of market share, it takes it. This, I think, is the story behind Samsung's new M5 and M7 Wi-Fi speakers, which you can install in seconds and control via your smartphone.

The M5 is the smaller of the two speakers (measuring 343 x 168 x 114mm and 2.3kg), while the step-up M7 is its bigger brother (measuring 402 x 194 x 137mm and 3.8kg). Both speakers are identical apart from the internal audio drivers, with the larger of the two adding a couple of dedicated tweeters for better high-frequency sound.

To use the new Samsung Sound speakers, you'll either have to plug at least one into your home router, or buy the add-on $79 Samsung Sound Hub — a wireless bridge that connects the multi-room speaker's Wi-Fi to your main home network. Both the M5 and M7 operate over a wireless mesh network, so you only need one in range of the Hub or your router; other speakers only need to be able to communicate with at least one other multi-room device to hook into the entire mesh.

If you're not using Samsung's app to control the music playing through one or more speakers simultaneously, you can use Bluetooth and NFC to take over any individual speaker and stream music to it directly from your phone. The speakers are even more versatile in that they can be hooked up to any 2014 Samsung Smart TV over Wi-Fi (or selected 2013 and 2014 models over Bluetooth) and function as front, rear or surround speakers, giving you a proper wireless audio system for your big screen.

Samsung's most obvious competitor in this field is Sonos, the multi-room wireless audio pioneer and the one to beat. Sonos has had its PLAY (nee ZonePlayer) speakers for a decade, and it has a more extensive catalogue in the PLAY:1, PLAY:3, PLAY:5, SUB and SOUNDBAR. But Samsung has great wireless credentials, and a huge catalogue of smartphones and tablets and laptops and smart TVs that it can use to throw music and audio to its wireless speakers. It makes sense to get into the multi-room audio game; we're keen to see how they perform. [Samsung]

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    how much?

      499 for the larger one, they sound like shit when turned up unlike the sonos

    So I bought the Sonos Wireless speaker to find out it actually is not really a wireless speaker but speakers attached to wireless MP3 player or internet radio player. You can not stream audio from your PC or MAC to the speakers wireless only MP3's or internet radio.

      Hi heath1980,

      Sonos speakers _are_ wireless speakers - through the Sonos app for Mac and Windows you _can_ stream not just from your personal MP3 connection and internet radio but from Spotify, Rhapsody, Pandora (USA) Beats (USA) etc. The only speaker that has a line in is the PLAY:5 - everything else requires that after you plug it into mains, you connect the speaker to an ethernet port on a router in your home (so that you can stream wirelessly to it over your network) or, if you have the BRIDGE, you connect that to your router, it creates the mesh network that Sonos uses, plug the speaker into mains and then you can stream wirelessly. Don't just take my word for it tho' see here:

      Hope that helps.

      Perhaps you should read instructions!!! Below taken from

      Sonos can access any music files that are stored on a computer or network-attached-storage (NAS) drive. If you have a music library managed through iTunes, WinAmp, Windows Media Player, Rhapsody or Music Match, Sonos can import your existing playlists. We support nearly every format, including: MP3, iTunes Plus, WMA, AAC (MPEG4), AAC+, Ogg Vorbis, Audible (format 4), Apple Lossless, Flac (lossless) music files, as well as uncompressed WAV and AIFF files

      Please tell me how I can then connect my PC audio to the Sonos speaker via wireless so that when I watch movies or play games the audio comes out of the Sonos speaker? I know I can stream mp3's and internet radio to it.

        Interaction of your PC with Sonos system wirelessly is limited to Sonos application. You can download the application, install and play music through services available or mp3 files on your PC (Haven't tried this though). Say, you are watching a movie online on a website then you can't play it on Sonos speaker wirelessly. If you have Play 5 then you can play via line-in option otherwise you are limited to what you can do through the application.

    M5 $399
    M7 $499

    Also, the H751 sound bar (with sub) is compatible which makes the system more versatile.

    I bought the Samsung M7 + Hub, Multiroom Wireless Audio Systems.

    Complete JUNK..

    Overpriced Bluetooth Speaker as nothing else is reliable.
    Such a terrible, unstable, clunky product.

    * Very Poor Smart App - clunky, unreliable (Samsung S5 and iPhone 5), in constant buffer/search (circling icon) the music list more times than letting you actually view song list.
    * PC Server Program - unreliable, stops playing. Forgets recent folder deletions and additions to revert back to first day folder directory settings.
    * Online Services - Very Poor. Isn't even compatible with Samsung's own services. The "free" services like Spotify require you to purchase the premium editions to even be compatible.
    * Loses connection between the M7 and the Hub - requires reboot of the M7 to resynch.
    * TV SoundShare quality is terrible. Sounds very Mono and cheap. REcommend sticking to the TV's own pseakers.

    So unless you want a "nice looking" (I'll give it that much) $500 bluetooth speaker (the only stable connection and service) that will let you play Tune-In Radio (avaialble everywhere) you are wasting your money. Avoid this product and buy something else.

    A regrettful purchase, I only wish I could get my money back.

    i agree with TimM that it is total garbage. i purchased 2 M5 + Hub + series 7 home theater . All beautiful and good until when you installing the multiroom speakers and a screes with a warning pops up: they may play with a delay. Bingo, the delay was so bad that it renders the whole concept useless. i had music playing in my living room and the song was 5 seconds late in the kitchen and bedrooms..... A pure mess.
    Very weak remote control and the app is almost useless.
    I am surprised the Accc has not fined Samsung over their misleading advertisement on their website yet. Had I being informed of the legging, I would have not bought it. This is a major breach of product is not fit for purpose,
    i WILL get my money back,l

    mBox is being developed in Adelaide to work with ordinary Bluetooth speakers. It will be coming soon:

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