Modern Logos Get A Game Of Thrones Makeover

Imagine if today's leading corporations were warring houses in Game of Thrones. Would Twitter plot to slay Facebook at the Facebook/Instagram wedding? Would Google be the master of whisperers, who knows everyone's secrets? Would IKEA make a ready-to-assemble Iron Throne? One thing's for sure: everybody's logos would be way cooler.

The following logos were created by DesignCrowd members for a Game of Thrones-themed competition. The brief was to re-design the logos of modern businesses as Westeros 'house banners' in the vein of the Lannisters, Starks, Greyjoys, Targaryens, et al.

Below are some of the better efforts. Extra geek points go to the designer who created the Ferrari/House Bracken banner. (In the books, House Bracken's coat of arms is also a rearing horse. I can't believe I know this.) You can see the rest of the submissions over at DesignCrowd.

[Via DesignCrowd]

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