Mobile Phone Blackspots To Be Stamped Out With Government Funding

It sucks not being able to get coverage on your mobile phone. The government feels your pain, and now it's going to help us all out with new Budget funding to tackle mobile phone blackspots in rural Australia.

Image: Getty

The government is set to pour $100 million into a new program to bolster telco infrastructure in outer metro, regional and remote Australia.

Mobile voice and wireless broadband will both be part of the boosting initiative, with major transport routes, small communities and areas with high natural disaster experience set to benefit from the funding.

The money will fund around 300 new or upgraded base stations around the nation.

The program will also see the sites for NBN Co's troubled fixed wireless network freed up for colocation opportunities to make it more efficient.

Construction on the new towers will start in the second half of 2015.

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