Meet The World’s Fastest Diesel Sports Car

Meet The World’s Fastest Diesel Sports Car

Do you want a hardcore sports car, but without all that petrol-drinking, planet-destroying angst? Do you want the fuel-sipping turbodiesel prestige of the Audi R18 Le Mans racer? Well, then you’re looking for the Trident Iceni Magna — it’s the world’s fastest production diesel sports car, pushing over 300 kilometres per hour and claiming fuel consumption of as little as 2.1L/100km.

The Iceni Magna is a new, hardtop version of the existing Iceni, made by Trident Sports Cars in the UK. Every Iceni Magna is built from scratch at Trident’s Norfolk production headquarters, and the end result is one of the most interesting supercars we’ve come across.

It’s beautifully designed, too — the car has a gorgeous twin-bump roof and fluted bonnet cover, looking something like a Jaguar E-Type reinvented for the 21st century. Smooth curves and a pair of twin side-mounted exhausts don’t hurt either.

A planet-shifting 6.6-litre Duramax turbodiesel sits at the front of the Iceni Magna — pushing the £96,000 coupe to a maximum speed of 190 miles per hour (roughly 305km/h), and cracking 0-100km/h in 3.7 seconds. The engine only has 294kW (only…), but the massive torque figure of 948Nm through a six-speed automatic gearbox is what really gets the Iceni going.

If you’re not content with that much pulling power in a relatively small coupe (although there’s no word on the Iceni Magna’s weight), you can spec it up with a 320kw/1288Nm re-tune, or a frankly ridiculous 492kw/1424Nm track package. That’s ridiculous. Trident says the Iceni can return fuel consumption of 2.1L/100km at a steady 48km/h, too — so when you’re not stepping on the loud pedal, you can travel a full 3200km on a single tank of diesel.

You can check out an Imgur album of the Trident Iceni Magna’s beauty here. [Trident Sports Cars]