Madman AnimeLab: Australian/NZ Anime Streaming Service With Free Trial

Madman Interactive has just unveiled AnimeLab, an anime-dedicated streaming service. It's in beta, but it's available now.

The service will be able to stream both stored anime and simulcasts directly from Japan to either Australia or New Zealand, and is already mobile and tablet ready. For an unspecified launch period, the service will actually be free -- just load it up and test it out on titles like Attack on Titan.

It looks pretty easy to jump into right now. Just provide some basic information, and start watching. It doesn't even require email authentification. Looks like now's the time to get caught up on all those titles your friends keep telling you about.

Check out AnimeLab here.

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    Ooh looks pretty cool, will check this out. I wonder how much this will cost though.

    Sweet, depending on Price ill pay for this

    Wonder how it will stack up against crunchyrol....

    Well it doesn't have every episode of every anime ever, however, for the low-low price of FREE the content is great, tonnes of stuff to watch with new stuff being added as I type this comment.

    Aside from that it's perfect. The web app runs perfectly on laptop, netbook, phone and tablet. iOS Airplay goes without a hitch and playback has no buffering on my measly 8Mbit/s connection. Can't comment about Chromecast but I don't see why it wouldn't work.

    In your account settings you can select whether you prefer Dubbed or Subbed streams (where available) which is great. Honestly, aside from the recommendation system, this is better than Netflix and Hulu by miles. All it needs is more anime, and a low enough price.

    All I can say is bravo Madman, you WILL have a subscriber in me once this goes paid. It is fantastic to see some real streaming solutions coming to Oz.

    Just finished my first episode of an anime and the second started playing half a second after the first, crazy fast, basically like once seamless stream as far as I'm concerned.

    Last edited 29/05/14 10:51 pm

    I have problems with the buffering on episodes where it'll buffer a little but the stop and spend forever buffering after playing for a couple seconds. I pause it to let it buffer like I do with YouTube but it still doesn't work? What do?

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