Listen To The Game Of Thrones Theme Played On Wine Glasses

We've heard the Game of Thrones theme played on all sorts of inanimate (and animate) objects, but this clip of YouTube user Dan Newbie cranking it out on wine glasses, frying pans and buckets easily tops the list of clever fan reproductions.

While not the sort of musical interlude one could quickly whip out for the average party, it is nonetheless an impressive display, considering the everyday items used as instruments.

It isn't mentioned what his precise setup is, however, in a previous clip where he pumps out a rendition of the Super Mario Bros. theme, he lists the following hardware:

48 wine glasses, 2 pencils, 1frying pan, 7 microphones, 2 cameras and tap water

The main additions I can see are a bucket and a barrel from a water cooler (which I was unaware could make such deep notes). I noticed a Rubik's Cube sitting on the table and couldn't wait to see what sort of sound he was going to make with it, only to reach the end of the video with no such action.


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