Kohler's New Kit Makes Your Toilet Hands-Free For $100

Kohler's New Kit Makes Your Toilet Hands-Free For $US100

Self-flushing toilets are nothing new — you can find them in plenty of public restrooms — but they have never quite made it into the home successfully. Now, Kohler has an affordable, high-tech solution, which means you'll never have to touch your home toilet again.

Most self-flushers use beam-based technology which detects the tiniest of movements, which is why you've probably had a flush go while you've sat on the throne in the past. We've all had a splashed arse as a result; don't deny it. Kohler's new system, however, "projects an electromagnetic field that is both extremely accurate and reliable", which means a wave of the hand will shift your business for you instead.

The kit will appear on several of the company's new toilets, but it will also be available as a $US100 retro-fit kit so you can upgrade your current bowl. No need to get your hands dirty ever again — unless the seat's left up. [Kohler via Engadget]

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