Is A Clock With The Hours Stacked Vertically Really Easier To Read?

Is a Clock With the Hours Stacked Vertically Really Easier to Read?

Those of us raised with the English language were taught to read sentences in a straight line. But then when it came time to decipher clocks, we were expected to suddenly be able to read in a circle. It's no wonder we've all switched to digital displays, and why designers Boaz Cohen and Sayaka Yamamoto were inspired to re-think how an analogue clock displays the hours.

The result is their Linear Cycle clock, which features a revolving clock face made from 12 different-sized segments. As it slowly spins throughout the day, it lines up with numbers representing the hours mounted vertically below it. As long as you're not looking for minute accuracy, it's definitely an easier way to tell time. But it still can't compare to the ease of a digital display. [BCXSY via MoCo Loco]

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