Elon Musk Is Helping The Oatmeal Rebuild The Tesla Science Museum

Elon Musk Is Helping The Oatmeal Rebuild The Tesla Science Museum

Matthew Inman, better known online as The Oatmeal, is a huge Tesla fan — both of the Serbian-American scientist and electrical pioneer and the electric car company that shares his name. He raised $1.4 million to buy Nikola Tesla’s old laboratory, and just asked Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk for a helping hand. Musk said yes.

The Oatmeal’s What It’s Like To Own A Tesla Model S comic describes Inman’s time with the electric car; he’s obviously in love with his purchase. The Model S is the second Tesla owned by the artist, though — in late 2012, he created and successfully completed an Indiegogo campaign to purchase the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe, raising almost one and a half million dollars to buy the laboratory and save it from demolition.

But in the second half of the comic, The Oatmeal makes a convincing, if blunt, argument asking Tesla Motors’ founder and chief product architect for extra funding — to not only save the Science Center from destruction, but to convert it into a functioning museum and public attraction. Even better, Inman jumped on Twitter to ask Elon Musk personally:

Then, half a day later, this happened:

So, that’s decided then. Obviously that response from Musk is about as vague a suggestion of support as you’d expect, and I don’t think anyone expects him to stump up the full $8 million, but it’s nice to know that Tesla Motors will play a part in restoring one of America’s most pivotal scientific centers of research to some of its former glory. [The Oatmeal]