Bloomberg: Microsoft Readying Small Qualcomm And Intel-Powered Surfaces

Bloomberg: Microsoft Readying Small Qualcomm and Intel Powered Surfaces

Bloomberg claims that Microsoft is readying a new, smaller version of its Surface tablet, which will use Qualcomm chips and another, larger device that will be powered by Intel silicon. Bloomberg suggests the new, small tablet will run Windows RT.

It's unclear what form the Intel device might take, but it could be that Microsoft is either simply refreshing its existing Surface Pro 2 or rolling out a new, smaller Surface Pro. Or something else.

Rumours have long-swirled about a small Surface tablet, and a "small gathering" on being organised by Microsoft on May 20 is thought to be the day such a device could be unveiled. If Microsoft is plumping for Qualcomm in the RT model, it will mark a move away from the current Nvidia chips that Microsoft uses in its tablets. [Bloomberg]

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