Adorable Elderly Couple Buy Matching Teslas

Adorable Elderly Couple Buy Matching Teslas

Nawwwwwww. Looks like it isn’t just the youngsters getting in on the electric car craze: these octogenarians bought matching Teslas with sweet licence plates to match.

Their names are Chet and Robin, and they’ve been car fans for life according to the Tesla blog.

Robin surprised Chet on his 85th birthday with a Porsche Panamera. Eventually though, he started to get concerned about how much fuel the four-seat Porsche was guzzling, and traded up(?) to a Model S.

Robin was so chuffed with the car that she bought one herself and novelty licence plates to boot, reading HISTSLA and HERTSLA.

Their kids even bought one and gave it the plate RTSLA.

There’s your morning warm and fuzzy all sorted! [Tesla]

Image: Tesla Motors