The Flatev Is A Instant Coffee Machine, But For Tortillas

The Flatev Is A Instant Coffee Machine, But For Tortillas

The cup of joe you get from those pod-based instant coffee machines like the Keurig might not be the best you can find, but they sure are convenient. And while instant soup is a logical next step for pod-based dining, the makers of the Flatev have actually found a way to churn out fresh, warm tortillas from a machine on your counter. The future is delicious.

The Flatev uses pods too, but instead of freeze-dried coffee or soup mix, they’re filled with fresh dough of different varieties, such as corn or wheat. As with a Keurig, you just insert the pod into the top of the machine while it’s warming up, and after pushing a start button you’ll have a fresh and piping hot tortilla in just a minute.

There is some special handling required for the pods. They need to be refrigerated, and will last about two weeks in the cold. But you can also freeze them indefinitely and thaw the pods as needed. And just like how Keurig pods each produce only a single cup of coffee, it looks like it’s a one-tortilla-per-pod situation with the Flatev as well. So its success could be completely dependent on what the per-pod cost ends up being.

As for the machine, you can pre-order it on the Flatev website right now by signing up for a waiting list. The first units are expected to be available starting in the fall for restaurants and similar establishments, but consumers should be able to purchase one in early 2015 for around $US200, and leave Chipotle behind forever. [Flatev via Cool Hunting]

Pictures: Cool Hunting