5 Seasons And No Movie: NBC Cancels Community

Those hoping for the debut of Mr Egypt or Intensive Karen may have gotten their wishes granted, with NBC calling it quits on sitcom Community after five seasons. Despite losing its way in earlier seasons, the latest block of 13 episodes were quality, mostly thanks to creator Dan Harmon coming back on board. Sadly, it wasn't enough to right the ship.

The news comes our way via Entertainment Weekly's Dan Snierson, who reports the show failed to make it on the broadcaster's latest schedule. Snierson mentions that despite the cancellation, the series, produced by Sony Pictures TV, could end up elsewhere.

However, going by tweets from Harmon and lead actor Joel McHale, this doesn't look likely.

Personally, I enjoyed most of season five, with the exception of the D&D episode. Missed opportunity there.

[Entertainment Weekly]

Photo: Justin Lubin / NBC

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