You Haven’t Seen Gravity Until You’ve Seen It In A Weightlessness Tank

Forget IMAX 3D. If you really want to see Gravity as it was meant to be seen, then this personal screening room/bathtub/human storage pod a la The Matrix is the only way to go.

Last week, 12 lucky fans in Stockholm, Sweden were invited to take part in the ultimate Gravity viewing experience of true weightlessness — or at least as close as you’ll get to it on Earth. To mimic the sensation of being in space, Warner Home Entertainment filled each of the fancy, blue-light-shrouded tanks with a super-saturated Epsom salt and water solution to maximise float-ability. Then, they heated each viewing pod to a precisew 35.5°C (or the resting temperature of human skin), supposedly making it nearly impossible to tell which body parts are and are not submerged.

Add 3D on top of all that, and you’ve got what sounds like one pretty terrifying trip to the movies. Where do we sign up? [Warner Bros Home Entertainment Nordic]