You Can Now Buy The LG G Flex In Australia

It's a little late to the party, but LG's curvy G Flex is now available online and in Optus stores. The phone still isn't available at an outright price directly from the carrier — you'll need to head to a grey importer or Harvey Norman for that — but you can now get the G Flex on a range of (exclusively) Optus plans.

You can get the phone on Optus' range of My Plans for a total cost of less than $60 per month, but the sweet spot seems to be the $60 My Plan with $12 additional handset repayments and 1.5GB of mobile data. Step up to the $100 My Plan and the phone is free; you're paying the premium for unlimited calls, texts and 3GB of data.

LG has positioned the G Flex squarely as a premium, luxury handset. It doesn't have the same super-high-end specs as a Galaxy S5 or a One M8, but with this phone it's all about the curve.

The phone's 6-inch 720p screen bends vertically along the length of the phone, so it hugs your jaw when you're talking. The G Flex houses a zippy Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, so it's not outdated, but newer phones are using a slightly faster Snapdragon 801. LG's fashion icon runs Android 4.2, but a 4.4 update has just been released, so Optus should be able to test and roll out the latest Android within a few months at the latest.

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