Walk On A Magic Carpet Of Light In This Moroccan Cathedral

Watch out, the ground will change beneath your feet at the Sacré Coeur in Casablanca. As part of the installation Magic Carpet 2014, an interactive light show swirls, swarms and shimmers under the cathedral’s vaunted arches. It’s even more thrilling to watch the lights in action in the video below.

Magic Carpet 2014 is the work of Miguel Chevalier. As you might expect from the project’s name, its patterns are inspired by the mosaics and carpets of Islamic art. In Chevalier’s interpretation, they also take on the form of blown-up pixels and microorganisms that react to the movements of visitors. At times, it resembles a stained glass carpet for the cathedral.

The installation ran from April 3 to April 6 in Casablanca, but you can relive at least part of the experience in these photos and videos. [designboom]

Pictures: Miguel Chevalier