This Waterproof Picnic Mat Won't Budge, Even On Windy Days

This Waterproof Picnic Mat Won't Budge, Even on Windy Days

Picnics are often punctuated by the scourge of ground-sitters the world over: the inevitable wet butt mark that comes from settling down on damp earth. If only there was something to protect you!

Alite's cheery Meadow Mat is waterproof, lightweight, and rolls up into a perfect little tarp-y taquito that's held in a bundle by built-in straps (it's also got a handy handle). There are also loops sewn into the corners if you're somewhere breezy and need to keep things nailed down.

It sure beats the fleece I lug along when it's nice in SF — that thing folds down into something about the size of a king-size mattress, and doesn't do anything to protect against seepage. Protect your behind! Purchase a Meadow Mat here for $US39. [Alite]

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