This Tiny House Can Fit In A Parking Space And Only Costs $40,000

The world is running out of space. Truth be told, the world is running out of a lot of things, but some very simple tweaks to our lifestyle could make the space issue less of an problem. That’s why students at the Savannah College of Art and Design built the SCADpad. It’s tiny. It’s cheap. And it’s actually kind of cool-looking.

At the end of the day, the SCADpad is a student project with all of the creative exploration that entails. Some of it makes great sense. The house is just 2.4m wide and 5m long, which is just a little bit smaller than a standard parking space. That unit is relevant, since at least half of America’s 105 million parking spots are empty about half the time. In fact, there are five times more parking space in America than there are cars. Why not fill them with cute but affordable houses?

That’s why students from SCAD designed one that costs about $US40,000, complete with all the fun and furnishings. Each of the three SCADpod prototypes includes a small kitchen with an induction stove as well as an organic garden that’s irrigated with a unique greywater filtration and delivery system.

Students also designed the interiors — and you can tell. Some of the design choices (like the vinyl graphic-lined bathroom) look great, while others (like the “interactive fibre walls woven from 40,000 pieces of fabric”) leave a bit to be desired.

The SCADpods are on display in Atlanta, but it remains to be seen whether or not they will actually enter production. God knows we could use them. [SCAD via Gizmag]