This Map Lets You Find Every Street, Place And Thing With Your Name

If you’ve ever secretly believed that you deserve a place named after you, then you have come to the right corner of the internet. This handy little app finds every street, river, garden, park, castle, or cave with your name already on it.

Can’t you already do this with Google Maps, you ask? No, Google got a little too useful. In Google Map’s huge database of businesses, searching for a first name just yields a lot of nearby doctor’s offices. How am I going to find Sarah Street in Gauteng, South Africa, in that mess?

Enter this neat app from artist and scientist Stephen Von Worley that maps the 10,000 most common first names. He created it back in 2011, but it’s still fun to play with. Since I’m blessed with an exceedingly common first name, my namesake is all over the English-speaking world.

What’s fun is that the popularity of people names doesn’t necessarily translate to place names. Take fellow Gizmodo writer Jordan Kushins, dominating the nation with a sea of red.

Just don’t try to trick it. It knows your tricks. [Data Pointed via The Presurfer]