This Aussie-Made Suit Has A Contactless Payment Chip Built Into The Sleeve

There's nothing worse than having to stuff your packed wallet into your fancy suit pants of an evening. It produces an unsightly bulge on the pocket you select, and it lets down the whole outfit. Thankfully, Australian tailor M.J. Bale is here, with a new suit that has a PayWave tag built into the cuff.

M.J. Bale decided to partner up with Visa and Heritage Bank to create wearable technology for the true gentleman.

It's called the Power Suit, and it embeds a wireless payment chip and antenna into the sleeve of your suit jacket.

It's crafted out of Australian Merino wool, and stitched by Italian weavers.

12 prototype Power Suits have been made and one will even be auctioned off for charity. It's the sort of thing that M.J. Bale want you buying in the future, but won't be available to the mass market just yet.

We're still waiting to hear back on the price.

Would you buy the Power Suit?

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