This 187km/h Ride-On Lawn Mower Is A Real Thing

This 187km/h Ride-On Lawn Mower Is A Real Thing

Honda and Team Dynamics have been working for some time on something pretty special. Not content with a ride-on mower you could simply zip around your garden on, they wanted something you could tear up the road with. Cue an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest ride-on lawn mower.

The two racing teams built a weaponised ride-on lawn mower, powered by the engine out of Honda’s amazing VTR Firestorm motorcycle, and stuck a writer for Top Gear UK magazine behind the wheel to take it out of the garage and into the history books.

The team were aiming for a total of 100 miles per hour, which works out to a dizzying 160.9km/h. What they actually achieved was 116mph, or 187mph.

The Mean Mower as it’s dubbed can actually reach a top speed of 209km/h, which has to be one of the scariest things on Earth.

Congrats to all involved on the record!